more than a trade


The art of weaving kilims is inextricably linked to symbolism. Each symbol is also a code that encompasses intensely philosophical, existential and cultural elements. Symbolism is a timeless human need for expression and communication that touches the metaphysical, as it exerts a strong magic and attraction on both the creator and the owner of the kilim. In kilims, the combination of all kinds of shapes creates a set of concepts that acquire a spiritual dimension.

At Kilimosophy we choose rare and authentic Kilims on which values like motherhood, fertility, immortality and good luck are woven. For over a century, we have been committed to the same philosophy that has made us stand out in our field: to create in your space small cradles of culture, spirituality and positive energy in the form of ornate kilims.

Discover the story behind these cultural elements.

The Elibelinde

or hands-on-hips motif is a stylized female figure, symbolizing motherhood and fertility.

The Tree of Life

is a symbol of immortality. Many different trees may be present in the design e.g. Oak, Olive, Palm, Fig, Beech.

The Nightingale

is a symbol of good luck.