Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) applies to Carpet Edition, which is responsible for processing personal data provided by users.

Collection of Personal Data
The Company provides the possibility of registration in the electronic services of its website, in order for the user to be able to make his purchases. In this case, the Company may collect and store your full name, your email, your address, contact details and any other information you may have provided to us. This information is strictly used to respond to your order request and will not be disclosed to third parties other than those listed in this policy or where disclosure is required or permitted by law. The Company has implemented an interconnection service with the bank, in order to serve the needs of users who wish to complete their purchases by credit card or via PayPal. In this case we inform that the Company does not keep any kind of information entered by the user after being redirected to the website of the service provider. Finally, it is possible to subscribe to the Company’s newsletter, where it requests only the user’s email address and uses it exclusively for the promotion of commercial material. In any case, if the user wishes to withdraw his consent, it is possible to unsubscribe from its newsletter.

Data Use
We will use the information we collect for some of the following purposes:
* to subscribe to a Service.
* to provide a Service you have requested.
* for advertising purposes, such as to provide customized ads, advertiser content, and to send promotional communication messages, after giving your individual consent if required.
* for the evaluation and analysis of our market, customers, products and services, in order to help us better understand, through statistical processes where required, more information about our customers, in order to offer you the most relevant communications , services and experiences.
* to ask for your opinion about our products and services, after giving your separate consent if required.
* to understand how consumers use our Services and our products, so that we can improve them and develop new products and services, and
* for other purposes, provided we recognize a legal basis for the processing of your data.

Retention of Personal Data
The company undertakes not to keep personal data for a period longer than necessary and we will ensure that we delete it safely and in a way that makes it impossible to retrieve it.

Right of Correction and Deletion
The client may request the updating, deletion or removal of any information held about him, and any third party who processes or uses the data must also comply with this request. A deletion request can only be rejected if an exception applies.
The company is obliged to delete personal data when any of the following applies:
* personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed.
* the data subject withdraws his consent and there is no other legal basis for processing.
* the data subject relies on the processing carried out based on the legitimate interests of the Data Manager and there are no other overriding legal reasons for the processing.
* personal data has been processed illegally.

If the request for deletion of personal data has been received, the identification has been confirmed, the request meets one of the above requirements and there is no legal reason to oppose the processing, the company must delete the relevant data in its entirety. The request will be registered in the Data Subjects Request Log.

If the company can not delete personal data, it will ensure that:
* cannot or will not attempt to use personal data to justify any decision about a person or in a way that affects that person in any way
* does not give any other organization access to personal data
* protects personal data with appropriate technical and organizational security, and is committed to permanently deleting information if, or whenever, it becomes available.

Right of Objection
The subject has the right to oppose, at any time and for reasons related to his particular situation, the processing of personal data concerning him.

Personal Data Security
The company has the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal information we hold from unauthorized disclosure, use, conversion or destruction. Where appropriate, we use encryption and other technologies that can help secure the information you provide. We also require our service providers to comply with strict data protection and security requirements.

In particular, the data you submit to the company is managed exclusively by specially authorized personnel of the Company who are under our control respectively and only by our order. For the processing, the company selects persons or third parties with corresponding professional qualifications that provide sufficient guarantees in terms of technical knowledge and personal integrity for the observance of confidentiality. The Company, through its respective contractual commitments and its associates, takes all necessary security measures to protect and ensure the confidentiality, confidentiality and integrity of personal data.

If you have any concerns or complaints about this policy, please contact us at: or by phone at 210 3000 500.


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