Care instructions

The authentic handmade kilims, are made from handpun woollen yarn, without chemical procedures. Every authentic kilim is an absolutely individual product since each one is made by a different type of wool and follows a particular processing method. Using cleaning water or other materials the kilims react differently depending upon wool quality and special processing method. It is important to note, that only a technician specialised in handmade rugs must take care of the maintenance of the authentic kilims. In order to keep your handmade kilims in good condition you should always seek professional care, on a frequent basis depending upon how heavily your kilim is used. In normal conditions you should seek professional care for maintentence somewhere between three to six years. A professional technician, specialised specifically on handmade rugs and kilims, should be involved in order to remove a stain (from any type of liquid) or repair a decoloration problem (from sun or from other reasons).