Kilims are unique, handmade works of art, of special aesthetics that bring to every space the magic of a sacred symbolism that represents the lifestyle, values and culture of their creators. The decoding of this symbolism is a kind of initiation into an exciting art, full of spirituality.

Exceptional kilims, wisely selected. Kilimosophy has proven to feature largest and most complete collection of authentic killims.

The art of handmade Kilims has become culture. Engaging in its production in Cappadocia and other places of significant historical interest in Asia, for successive generations, bequeathed us the tradition.

Our experience in Kilims, which begins in the 18th century, was formed in knowledge and became our own precious art.

All our handmade Kilims are genuinely authentic and accompanied by a quality guarantee as well as a “lifetime” maintenance contract. They are secured by Official International Certification for their authenticity. Documents are provided on a case-by-case basis, confirming their historical, artistic and cultural origin.
In addition, detailed information is provided on the techniques used by their creators, as well as on the ethnic art they emit.

When it comes to authentic Kilims, all work, not just weaving, is done by hand, without the involvement of chemistry, so everything is organic. When using chemistry or industrial yarns the result is semi-handmade with no value prospects.

Authentic Kilims are the only ones that not only constitute a safe investment but in addition pass the inheritance of a family heirloom of a high spiritual level, to the next generations.

At Kilimosophy, we make a thorough selection of authentic and exceptional kilims. For over a century, we have been committed to the same philosophy that has made us stand out in our field: to create in your space small cradles of culture, art and positive energy, in the form of ornate kilims.

more than a trade


At Kilimosophy we choose rare and authentic Kilims on which values like motherhood, fertility, immortality and good luck are woven. The art of weaving kilims is inextricably linked to symbolism. Discover the story behind these cultural elements.